Mahogany Capstan Table, Jupe Table with Radial Mahogany Field

Item# PWG 61 78 COL

Capstan Table with Self-Deploying Leaves

Capstan table
Mahogany Capital table or Jupe table with Self-Storing Leaves and Colonial Style Pedestal
Mahogany Capstan Table
Self-Deploying and Self-Storing Leaves
Capstan Table
Shown opened at 78-inches round
Self-deploying and Self-storing leaves
Mahogany Jupe Table, a 61-inch to 78-inch Round to Round Pedestal Table
Capstan table
Shown in production
Item#:  PWG 61 78 COL
Price: $7,500
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Mahogany Capstan table with self-storing leaves. A fully automatic Jupe table with self-deploying leaves. A colonial-style Capstan table or Radial table with a circular pedestal and raised panels. Great conference room table or dining room table.  This table can be used at 61-inches round or it can be opened to 78-inches round.  A round-to-round dining table with self-storing leaves.  

Below are two short videos.  The first video shows a battery-operated model, however, the table we are selling here will not be battery-operated. It will open and close by simply rotating the table tabletop. The second video shows the table which was pictured on this product page.

Capstan Table Video (Promotional Video )

See this table EXACT table in our studio!


Measurements: 61 -78 inches round, 30 inches high
Condition: New
Price: $7,500
Lead Time: - 3-6 Months
PWG 61 78 COL