Regency Style Gold Accented Mahogany Dining Table- Double Pedestal


Neoclassical Dining Table with Gold Leaf Options

Expandable empire style table
American reproduction dining table
Mahogany dining table, Oversized dining table with three leaves. Gold leaf Higher End Table
Gold Leaf Option
Gold accents shown under bright light here.
Gold shown under intense natural daylight
True color under warm lighting, typical dining light conditions
True color under warm lighting
Burnished razor thin lacquer finish captures light and makes this a stately dining table
Razor thin Nitro Cellulose lacquer shines but it is not a heavy finish as seen on Italian furniture
Gold leaf accents under bright light will shine like jewelry
Gold leaf details under intense light will shine like jewelry, unless you request toning it down
Gold leaf accented Regency style pedestal with scroll feet
Scroll Regency foot with gold accents. Gold option is optional
54 inch wide table with robust inlays and carvings
54 inch wide table leaves plenty of room for serving at center
156 inch oversized dining table will seat 14-16 people with all three leaves as shown here.
Extra large and wide Regency style mahogany dining table shown with all three leaves in place.
Only the most expensive Veneers are used on this model table to make a lasting impression
Extra large and wide table with flame mahogany field
American Empire or Regency style scallop corner dining table with gold leaf accents
Gold leaf dining table with American Empire or Regency style pedestals
In a well lit room, or under direct sunlight, mahogany shows a wide range of color
Under bright light, mahogany will show a wider range of color
Under dim lighting, colors will look richer than under brighter conditions as shown here.
Rich mahogany finish shown under dim lighting
Regency pedestal shown with gold leaf option
Gold leaf option is available during checkout
Robust and wide scallop corner with marble size hand carved details and fluted apron
Wide scallop corner, standard no gold option
Regency style mahogany dining table
Regency style mahogany dining table with gold accents
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AntiquePurveyor plaque
Price: $11,000
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American Empire or Regency style dining table.  Extra wide (54inch) mahogany dining table with robust carvings and details.  A modern American Empire designer table fit for the higher-end home.  This table will start at 88 inches long and can open to 156 inches long with three leaves or extensions.  You can use one, two or all three leaves.  The table features a heavy apron which adds to the table's robustness. This table is finished in the USA.  
If you are concerned about hitting your knees into the table's edge, please inquire about our lift kit which can lift the table to help clear legs. Generally speaking, armchairs are not supposed to slide under a table's edge but if you need that functionality, just leave us a note during the checkout.
This is an expensive dining table when compared to many other tables on our site, but it is offered at a very competitive price for its quality, shape, and embellishments.  The table has wide multi-banded satinwood, rosewood, and straight grain mahogany inlays.  The apron has round marble size carved edges and a fluted apron. Standard pricing is for no gold accents. Golds accents add to the cost. We usually stock this table WITH gold accents.

Measurements: 8'Lx54"Wx30"H. Table has three leaves, each leaf adds 20.5" to overal length. Total length with all three leaves is approximately 156"
Condition: Table is about 10 years old, it has been well cared for. Mild checking, cleaned and polished in our shop and ready for a new home. American-made table
Price: $11,000
Lead Time: - 5-10 Weeks