Dark Mahogany Dining Table with UNIQUE Long Grain. 12 Feet Long

Item# CFC 75 144 WAL PS

Dark Walnut Finish, Apron, Pinstripe and Modern Dark Walnut Finish

Dark Mahogany Dining Table with UNIQUE Long Grain. 12 Feet Long
Mahogany dining room
Mahogany dining room table with dark walnut finish
dark mahogany dining table
Dark mahogany dining table opens to 12 feet and seats 14 people
from bottom up, walnut and mahogany
finish samples
dark mahogany dining table plans
Expanding mahogany dining table
Item#:  CFC 75 144 WAL PS
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Dark mahogany dining room table for seating up to 12 and 14 people. This table was designed just for our store, you will not find it anywhere else. It has a very unique and hard to find long grain crotch mahogany field. We only know of one other manufacturer that offers this type of fletch and it is very hard to find, very expensive, and it is very difficult to work with. This mahogany dining table sits on two sturdy saber leg Duncan Phyfe pedestals which are capped with custom forged brass caps and levelers. There is no cheap hardware on this table, everything is made in-house to our very specifications.  The foot caps on this table do not have claw feet like most Duncan Phyfe pedestals. We've made the table a bit more modern with its special dark walnut finish. We also added a small white and black separator for a touch of class without getting overdone or over embellished.  This table is of the best quality money can buy, it is made by a best-in-breed manufacturer.  

Measurements: 75 Long x 47 wide
Opens to 144 inches long with 3 23" leaves
Condition: new
Lead Time: - Sold out
CFC 75 144 WAL PS