Double Pedestal Mahogany Dining Table Opens to 12 Feet and Seats 14

Item# CFC 75 144 MAH RA

Unusual long grain table, unique designer-grade table in a natural two-tone finish

Double pedestal dining table
12 foot Mahogany Dining table Seats 14 people, Long Double Pedestal Duncan Phyfe Dining table
Mahogany dining table
Mahogany dining table and chairs
Mahogany dining room table
Mahogany dining table with three lewaves, 12 foot dining table seats 14 people
Duncan Phyfe double pedestal dining room table with leaves seats 12 people
Duncan Phyfe Mahogany Dining Table with Leaves Seats 8 to 14 People, 12ft Table
long grain mahogany dining table
antiquepurveyor furniture
Two finishes are available, two-tone mahogany and dark walnut
mahogany pedestal table
Two-tone crotch mahogany border with black and white seperator
Duncan Phyfe pedestals
Duncan Phyfe pedestals with over-built steel reinforced outswept saber legs and brass capped feet
mahogany dining table
12 foot mahogany dining table seats 8 to 14 people, long-grain crotch mahogany pedestal table
Item#:  CFC 75 144 MAH RA
Price: $7,250
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An exclusive Double-pedestal mahogany dining room table for seating up to 14 people, you will not find anywhere else. It has a very hard-to-find long-grain crotch mahogany field. This mahogany dining table sits on two sturdy saber-leg Duncan Phyfe pedestals, which are capped with custom-forged brass caps and levelers. The foot caps on this table do not have claw feet like most Duncan Phyfe pedestals; they are more straightforward and modern. The outside border is a shade lighter than the field, and a white-black separator separates the two colors. This model has a recessed apron as opposed to its counterpart, which has an apron that runs around the table's perimeter. This table variation works better in smaller spaces with lighter chairs, giving you a more elegant look in your living space. If you're looking for a fuller, more masculine table, we offer it with a full apron. The table top is available in a factory standard satin finish and our upgraded glossy finish.

*All photos shown show our glossy sheen. Buffing is available upon request ($250).

Measurements: 75 long x 47 wide
Opens to 144 inches with three 23 inch leaves
Condition: new
Price: $7,250
Lead Time: - In-Stock
CFC 75 144 MAH RA