Extra Large Mahogany Dining Room Table | High End | American Finished

Item# WZ 8 14 PS

48 inch Narrow 14 Foot Federal Dining Table Seats 16 People

Extra Large Mahogany Dining Room Table | High End | American Finished
Finish options
Standard finish options
Hard to find crotch mahogany Veneers show colors of brown, red, amber, and cherry
Flame mahogany has a wide range of color
Flame mahogany gets is name because it is a fiery Veneer
Flame Mahogany
Shown under intense lighting
This picture was taken from behind table, notice how different from picture in front.
Soft turn corner with primavera, rosewood and tulipwood inlays and reeded edge
Reeded edge, primavera inlaid table with rosewood and tulipwood bandings
Flame mahogany dining table
This picture was taken from front of table, note this looks much different than picture from behind.
Dim warm lighting will make table look rich as shown here
mahogany dining table shown here under dim warm lighting
Finish details here shows rich mahogany character as light penetrates the razor thin finish
Glossy finish on a long 14 foot mahogany dining table
Burnished to shine like glass, a razor thin lacquer finish shows the most character for mahogany
Razor thin lacquer finish catches light and shows off the mahogany field
8 foot dining table will take three leaves and opens to 14 feet and seats 16 people
8 foot configuration
High end Antique reproduction  dining table
Large 14 foot double pedestal dining table seats 16 people. Extra long high end inlaid dining table
Item#:  WZ 8 14 PS
Price: $7,975
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Description: Extra long 14 foot banquet table with flame mahogany and primavera bandings.  This model table will give you everything you need for large family dinners. It opens to 14 feet. It has three large leaves. The table is very sturdy and the slides are American steel so no third pedestal is required.  It is a high end and sturdy table and it will not sag no matter how many leaves are in place.   The over sized bird cage pedestals are perfectly fit for this table. The apron runs around the entire table and leaves.  The finish on this table is perfectly clear and glossy. The glossy sheen really catches light and reaches all dimensions of the Veneers. Notice how the table looks different depending on the angle of view.  We note this on two pictures.  As you walk around the table, the Veneers change color like a halogram.  Unlike most standard tables, this table is about 8 feet long (normal table length is about 6 feet), so make sure your room can handle an 8 foot table on a regular basis. The table features a narrow width of only 48 inches wide. We offer wider tables, but this table is for those who want the length without the extra width. Most 14 foot tables would be 50 or 54 wide so its a great design for tighter spaces. 
Measurements: 96"Lx48"Wx30"H Opens to 168" with three 24" leaves
Condition: new
Price: $7,975
Lead Time: - In-Stock
WZ 8 14 PS