Custom American-Made Dining Table & Lazy Susan Extenders

Item# LS EXT 60

Different shapes, sizes and colors are available

Custom American-Made Dining Table & Lazy Susan Extenders
Item#:  LS EXT 60
Price: $750
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Pictured is a 58-inch round table extender. Durable, stiff, and safe for extending lazy Susuans and or round dining tables.

Notes for extending tables; you may exceed a maximum of 12" in diameter (6 inches off each side).  The largest round Table Extender we can make is 84".

This added 12" in diameter is equivalent to almost another 40" inches in circumference. When figuring out how many more guests can be seated at your table, it is recommended to plan on 18" to 20" per person. So by adding this 12" in diameter, you may fit two to three more people—depending on your chairs.

You may exceed the flat surface of your table by up to 7" on either side of the width and 9" on either end of the length.  For instance, if your table is 40" × 60", you could order a Table Extender up to 54" × 78".

The math looks like this: for the width you would add 40" + 7" + 7" = 54". And for the length, you would add 60" + 9" + 9" = 78".


Measurements: 60 round
Condition: new, custom made to order
Price: $750
Lead Time: - 2-4 Weeks