Traditional Walnut Bunching Bookcase, Myrtle Burl Walnut Inlays

Item# GH BC 36 16

Make this bookcase larger by adding sections

Traditional Walnut Bunching Bookcase, Myrtle Burl Walnut Inlays
Walnut bunching bookcases
Thanks to photoshop, we can illustrate what three bookcases would look like bunched on a wall
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bunching bookcases
Bookcases can be bunched to make larger wall units
Item#:  GH BC 36 16
Price: $3,400
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Description: Traditional walnut bunching bookcases sold by the section. Each section is 36 inches long by 16 inches deep and these sections can be bunched together to make a larger bookcase for the office or library.  We show these cabinet as ndividual sections and we also show it as a three piece unit which illustrates what you can acheive by adding units together.  Fine quality bookcase. This is not a cheap import. It is made in Cebu by an English cabinet maker who now manufactures in the Phillippines.  Fantastic high end quality perfectly fit for any caliber client. Solid, heavy and well finisihed. 
Measurements: 36" Long x 16"Wide x 84"High
Condition: new
Price: $3,400
Lead Time: - 5-10 Weeks
GH BC 36 16