Leather Top Writing Desk with Ball Claw Feet Cabriole Legs

Item# TN WD 61 33

Secret Pop Up Compartments, Antique Factory Distressed Finish

Jonathan Charles 493114
Chippendale ball and claw leather top writing desk
High end antique reproduction desk with secret pop up compartment.
Chippendale style leather top desk with claw feet.
Ball and claw with pierced talon carved feet
oak drawers
Tongue and groove drawers
oak drawer
Solid oak drawers
Brass lever
This lever opens the mail slots on back of desk
Item#:  TN WD 61 33
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Description: Leather top Chippendale writing desk with claw feet and cabriole legs.  Fine carvings to the shoulders and fine carved feet.  Heavy and dense cabinet with amazing factory distressed finish. This is a masterpiece leather top writing desk, over the top quality.  Fine brass drawer handles, banded mahogany top and drawers.  
Measurements: 61 x 33 x 30
Condition: new
Lead Time: - Sold out
TN WD 61 33