(a) There is a seven (7) day payment requirement for all transactions if the item is in stock. Seller reserves the right to sell item ordered without notice to purchaser if this time period is not met.  
(b) Acceptable payment includes business or personal checks and major credit cards
(c) Connecticut Sales tax is applicable except for sales completed outside the state. 
(d) International orders require payment via check or bank wire.  If checkout occurs online or via a 3rd party site with a credit card payment, the charge will be refunded and payment via check or wire will be requested. 

(a) Shipping methods are set forth below. Each have their own shipping time period, all of which are consistent with industry standards:
     (1) Motor Carrier 10 days to 2 weeks (curbside delivery only)
     (2) Blanket wrap 5-7 weeks, deadlines must be approved in writing by managing partners.
     (3) International approximately 8 weeks for overseas shipment and approximately 2 weeks for Canada port to port.
Overseas purchaser is responsible to contact local delivery company for home delivery and pays all local delivery charges.
(b) Seller is not a shipper. It does pack, crate and ready items for trucking companies.
(c) Shipping prices include packaging materials, crating, time and labor and insurance (direct from insurance carrier to purchaser).
(d) Shipping prices are outlined on seller's website.

Delivery Procedures and Conditions
(a) Blanket wrap full service delivery requires a person in presence of delivery agents to fully inspect purchases,
only upon full acceptance in writing will item be left. Otherwise, carrier will return item to seller.
(b) Freight delivery is to curb only. Package must be examined by customer who must note any damage on the waybill. If not accepted, item will be returned to seller.
(c) Customer may refuse delivery and request refund.  All sales are as-is and final once product is accepted and signed for. 
(d) Insurance and shipping charges to and from seller are non-refundable, and there will be a 7% handling and re-stocking fee, all of which will be deducted from the refund.
(e) Customer may choose to accept damaged packages which are specifically identified at delivery.
(f) No returns will be accepted if the above provisions are not complied with.
(g) On international deliveries, customer is responsible for all customs and duties
(h) All returned items must be placed in original packing material
(i) Refunds will be made on or about 15 days after item is returned.
(j) Delivery companies cannot go back to a job location to service items which have been accepted and signed for.
(k) All signatures for accepting deliveries will be valid, even if there are third parties involved, for example warehouse receivers, housekeepers, family members, baby sitters, etc.  It is the customers responsibility to oversee who they arrange to accept the goods.
(l) When the seller holds and/or stores merchandise for the buyer to help satisfy timing needs of the buyer, the buyer agrees that shipping time starts at the time the goods are asked to be shipped out by the buyer.   

Shipping, Packaging, Damage Liability
(a) Minor repairs may be repaired by blanket wrap carrier to your satisfaction if returned at time of delivery.
(b) Motor carrier repairs are covered by carrier’s insurance and as long as damaged is noted on waybill, insurance claim will likely be accepted.
(c) Insurance is not available for buyers who choose to ship with their own account.

Picking up items
(a) Pick up times are limited to warehouse hours. There is a $35 pick-up fee whether customer picks up, or whether this is done by customer's shipping company. To arrange pick up, call seller.

Warranty on Finishes, Veneers and Solids.
Over time some veneers, specifically swirly crotch mahogany, will have a tendency to cause small hairline cracks in the finish known as "checking". All major Industry leaders have disclaimers for this phenomenon (seller describes this in better detail on blog). All manufacturer's products offered on seller's website will stand behind product in all areas, except for damage caused by natural tendencies or by buyer i.e.; burning, water damage, accidents, scratches, checking, etc.  Every manufacturer has a slightly different warranty period ranging from 1 to 5 years. Seller does not warranty goods but seller may, at their own discretion, provide replacement product (not including shipping and handling) if they feel the product failure should be covered despite expired manufacturer's warranty period.  Seller stands behind every aspect of customer's purchase whenever possible but at their own discretion.

Condition of Goods and Definition of New & Slightly Imperfect
Seller distributes product which falls under different categories as described below.

(a) New. New furniture implies that the product has never been owned by a homeowner or final user. Showroom samples are considered new.  New does not imply perfect.  Human craftsmanship of natural materials (wood) will always be accompanied by minor human errors which the customer, according to this agreement, agrees to be acceptable.  Some manufacturers have a strict tolerance for human error or natural tendencies and some manufacturers have a more lenient tolerance for human errors or natural tendencies.  

(b) Slightly Imperfect. Slightly imperfect furniture will be offered by seller at a discount to the general market place and imperfections will be noted in product page condition report, in picture captions and/or items description. 

(c) Over the years seller has seen on a regular basis the following phenomenon which we now deem to be widely acceptable and industry standard.  Customer agrees and understands the following conditions may apply to their purchase of furniture.

  • Mahogany back chairs have a splat which is built with a foot and shoe design, which means they are designed to float in the frame to reduce to chances of cracking as the wood ages.
  • Sometimes new chairs can make a crackling noise when used as the new lacquer will crack near joints and seems. This fades with time.
  • Chairs will sometimes feel unlevel to the touch but when you sit in them, they do not wobble.
  • Sometimes at joint, where two pieces of wood come together, grain catches light differently and makes one appear lighter or darker.
  • Dimples can appear in finishes, they are not damage nor are they imperfect.
  • Aprons on leaves and tables are designed to have about 1/8" gap to ensure a tight seem on table face.
  • Imperfections may exist on items which are not visible to normal use.  For example, under a table, under a chair, etc.
  • Slip seats on chairs are designed to get new fabric and to keep maintenance costs down.  Miniscule spots or imperfections may exist.
  • Slight surface scratches which are barely noticeable are removable with swirl remover cream.
  • Leaf bowing up to1/8" at center on wide tables may exist providing they do not prevent proper closing of table.
  • Glass shelves may have miniscule well sanded chips which can be hidden with proper placement in cabinet.
  • Miniscule chips on wood material can be easily covered with industry touchups excluding polished table top faces.
  • White residue can sometimes be found on table or leaf edges which is dried soap residue from the polishing process.

Factory Expectations
The following letters on every item number on seller’s website designates one of the below factories. Below is a list of manufacturer codes and what can be expected from their line of goods.  Seller also provides a grade and warranty.  In the future, we plan on showing these grades in full detail and are available to discuss details over the phone.

WZ - American finished, long proven track history with seller, amazing value, mostly Philippine built 92%-96%. 5-year warranty.
EZ - Exceptional value and above average attention to detail, great heavy building materials 89%-96%. 1-year warranty.
TN - High end construction, strong attention to detail, precision cut cabinetry and hardware 96-97%. 1-year warranty.
DR - High end and great value, attention to detail, over built cabinets and lots of extras on casegoods  92%-95%. 1-year warranty.
K - Less than average price points, lighter building materials on casegoods, less attention to detail 78-81%. 1-year warranty.
AP - Less than average price points, lighter building materials, less attention to details 70-75%. 1-year warranty
MZ - Great designs, service bureaucracy, sometimes delayed fulfillment, stands behind all manufacturing   88%-93%, 1-year warranty.
HD - Engineered and overbuilt, great building materials, heavy, flat finishes on tables, exceptional quality 94%-96%. 1-year warranty.
HL - 100% American made, heirloom quality, some bureaucracy, amazing finishes, expensive 94%-97%. 5-year warranty.
FZ - High value, tight quality control, limited designs in our niche, engineered well, best breed for Chinese origin 95%. 1-year warranty.
HZ - American made, seconds, priced below MRP, exceptional value, Heirloom finishes 90%. 5 year warranty.
GR - 100% American made, no bureaucracy, fine detail, customizable, heirloom quality, top building materials 98%-99% 5-year warranty
SN - Amazing price points, Indonesian’s finest build, heavy, great attention to detail, hard to beat value 94%-95% 1 year warranty
LL - 100% American made, attention to detail, amazing flat level finishes, heirloom quality 96-98% 5 year warranty
LA - Quality imports, sturdy, heavy, finest collections, furniture from orient
OZ - Finest American made, English imports, fine designer furniture for architects and designers. Top of line 98%
TY - Great value, imported furniture, well made, heavy furniture 88%
STN - American made, heirloom quality, solid cherry expert manufacturer 98% 3-year warranty