Fine Luxurious China Cabinet with Fancy Interior and Light Kit

Item# DR CC 33 17

The finest craftsmanship, a new 18th century antique reproduction

luxurious china cabinet
Luxurious china cabinet
Georgian china cabinet bookcase
The bottom of the glass case is lined with felt so it does not scratch the bottom cabinet
lighted china cabinet
Easy on and off lights, just swipe your hand across a motion switch
Flame mahogany interior
The inside of this cabinet is decorated with exotic Veneers
Brass urn finials
Removable brass urn finials
bulbous feet
Bulbous feet
Shelf pins
Vinyl covered solid brass shelf pins
brass astragals
Brass astragals and locking door
Item#:  DR CC 33 17
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Description: Luxurious mahogany dining room china cabinet.  Over the top quality and attention to detail. Beautiful flame mahogany Veneers inside and out.  Shelves, edging and all faces of this cabinet are decorated with hard to find Cerejera Veneers.  The brass finials on top screw-in and can easily be removed. They are heavy solid brass ornaments.   Even the backside of this cabinet is heavy and dense where typical china cabinets like this have thin 1/4" backing.  Easy on and off lights and glass shelves.  The pegs to hold the shelves are solid brass and they screw in the cabinet. The pins have a clear vinyl skin to prevent chipping the glass. This cabinet is not easy to obtain, we waited about 6 months for this piece. Once it sells, backorders will take the same amount of time. They are made to order.
Measurements: 33Long x 17 deep x 85 tall
Condition: new
Lead Time: - Sold out
DR CC 33 17