Corner China Cabinet - Brown Mahogany Corner Hutch

Item# MZ Corner

Dimmable Lights, High End Cabinet

mahogany corner china cabinet
Corner china cabinet shown with lights
Sturdy lattice
cabinet with recessed door hinges
Recessed door hinges
shelf adjustments
One shelf on bottom, has 3 height adjustment
cabinet door pull
details on door pull
shelf adjustments
3 height adjustments for each glass shelf
mahogany grain
Mahogany with filled dark grain
cabinet crown
corner details on corner cabinet
Corner details on two piece corner cabinet
cabinet in natural daylight
Shown in bright natural daylight
bottom of china cabinet
Corner cabinet bottom with flame mahogany door panels
brass door keeper
Brass door keeper holds door snug
shelf edging
Heavy mahogany shelves with routered edges
solid mahogany frames and recessed panels
Recessed panels on front two doors
cut grooves on glass shelf
Cut grooves for holding china
Item#:  MZ Corner
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Description: Mahogany corner cabinet with dimmable light kit. Colonial brown mahogany hutch with lightly distressed finish.  Double glass doors with lattice on top and double doors on bottom.  Top display has 2 adjustable glass shelves which have cut glass to hold dishes on display.  Fine brass hinges and brass shelf pegs with brass inserts.  Bottom doors feature genuine raised panels with crotch mahogany panels and solid mahogany frames.  Cabinet is heavy ,dense and it offers more quality than the average corner hutch.
Measurements: 45.0W x 23.0D x 84.0H inches.
Cabinet displaces approximately 36-37" alongside a wall.
Condition: new
Lead Time: - Sold out
MZ Corner