New High End Antique Reproduction Cross Back Dining Chairs


A Fine Low Profie English Favorite. Upholstered Seat

New High End Antique Reproduction Cross Back Dining Chairs
Theodore Alexander furniture
Cross back settee with gray silk fabric also available
Theodore Alexander 4000-902 and 4100-902
Mahogany dining room chairs
Shown in grey weave fabric
quality chair
Really shows the chairs true color and the quality of the build
Thedore Alexander China cabinet and chairs
chair with reeding
Reeded detail throughout the chair
Dining room chairs with cross backs
High end mahogany cross back dining chairs
Item#:  DR ECB AC
Arm Chair Price: $1,100  | Side Chair Price: $975
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Description: Low profile upholstered cross back dining chairs. Comfortable and fine reproductions for an estate of any magnitude.  Sturdy, traditional and skillfuly distressed to look and feel like a genuine antique. Double 'X' cross backs,   Cerejera inlaid splats, reeded frames and legs. These chairs have an advanced and multi step finish which is apparant as soon as you see them. The finish iteself has lots of depth and character.  Traditional brown mahogany color with tones of merdium brown and amber.  Widely accepted linen color durable chevron weave fabric is standard for in stock chairs. These are very heavy chairs and made from dense and expensive mahogany material.  They look great, sit comfortably, handle heavily and they are built with traditional methods. Impresssive chairs. Your guests will think youve just inherited them.
Measurements: Arm Chair W 24 x D 23½ x H 34
Side Chair W 20 x D 22 x H 33¾
Condition: new, some factory distressing, only minor artisen imperfections may exist, quality chair
Arm Chair Price: $1,100
Side Chair Price: $975
Lead Time: - 5-10 Weeks