Rustic Distressed Chairs with Rush Seat for Casual Living Spaces

Item# MZ 731 AC

Perfect Kitchen or Dining Chair for a Country or Rustic Design

rush seat arm chair
Arm chair with rush seat
rustic chair, walnut finish
This picture shows the chair under cool light or daylight, true color
true color
Picture shows true color in natural daylight
true color
Picture shows true color in natural daylight
Rustic kitchen chair, front leg detail
Front leg detail
Chair crest finish details
Quality glazed and distressed finish gives this chair age and character
Reed details on country chair
Thick reeds are about the thickness of a pencil
Set of 8 rustic or country kitchen chairs
Available in any quantity, make a set of chairs in any configuration of arms and sides
Chair spindles
Arrow shape spindles make this a unique chair
crest details
Solid constructed crest
Arm chair and side chair
Arm chair and side chairs available
rush seat arm chair
True color under warm light
casual, rustic chairs with leather captain chairs
Mix and match these chairs for an eclectic design
shown with a formal dining table
Eclectic dining room table set
Item#:  MZ 731 AC
Arm Chair Price: $425  | Side Chair Price: $375
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Description: Rustic country style woven reed or rush seat chairs for the casual dining room or kitchen. These are resilient chairs perfect for everyday use and are also kid friendly chairs. Tough as nails, the seats are woven reed on hardwood seats so there is plenty of strength and durability under the reed. The reed is thick and we show the thickness in some of the pictures with a pencil to show its scale.  Seat is removable and works like slip seats.  Heavily distressed frames will take quite the punishment and never look damaged.  Very comfortable chairs and the frames are rock solid. These are not cheap chinese imports and are very good quality for the higher end home.   The finish on these chairs are a walnut, or ash color. They would not match our mahogany tables but can be toned to match most cherry or mahogany if needed and we can do that for you.  These chairs have some green in the finish which makes them perfectly fit for most true walnut or ash color decor.  
Measurements: arm 22.5L x 20.D x 40 H inches
side 20.L x 20.D x 40 H inches
Condition: new, but distressed finish
Arm Chair Price: $425
Side Chair Price: $375
Lead Time: - In-Stock
MZ 731 AC