Round to Oval Dining Table | 60 Round Dining Table with Leaf

Item# WZ 60 82

High End Furniture | 60 Round to 82 Oval Mahogany Dining Table

Inlaid pedestal table
American finished 60 inch round mahogany pedestal table
Wide slip matched Veneers
Glossy sheen
Lacquer finish is razor thin but catches light to highlight grain
Inlaid round pedestal table
Rosewood and straight grain mahogany border
antique reproduction mahogany dining table
Sturdy birdcage pedestal
Antique reproduction inlaid  mahogany dining table
Rosewood, mahogany and slip matched crotch mahogany field
High end pie cut flame mahogany dining table, 60 round to 82 inch oval
60 inch round to oval dining table with 22 inch extension
high end antique reproduction dining table
60 inch round pedestal table
60 round mahogany dining table with leaf
American finished 60 to 82 inch round mahogany pedestal table
60 inch round mahogany table with leaf
60 inch round to oval dining table with extension on birdcage pedestal
Item#:  WZ 60 82
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Description: Round to oval dining room table with leaf. Rosewood banded round pedestal table with multiple bandings.
Measurements: 60" Round Dining Table with 22" leaf (or extension)
Condition: new
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WZ 60 82