Round Satinwood Dining Table with Swag and Flower Inlays, Adams Style

Item# TN 62

Hot Sand Burn-ins and Unique Personal Table Protectors in 6 Fitted Drawers

62 inch round satinwood dining table with floral inlays
62 inch round formal and tradtional satinwood pedestal table with inlaid place mats
Round satinwood dining table
62 inch round satinwood dining table with placemats in drawers bordered with nlaid flowers
Inlaid flower on satinwood place mat
Each place mat has a different flower inlay
oak drawers
Oak drawers with a finger hole for removing place mats
Saber legs
Saber legs terminating with brass feet
Swag apron
Adams style swag decorated apron bording the table's edge
Acanthus leaf carved medallion
Acanthus leaf inlaid medallion with hot sand burn-ins centered in table
Adams style inlaid floral medallion
Inlaid flower medallion
Place mat drawers
Personal drawers for place mats
mahogany banded satinwood table with flower inlays
Adams style satinwood inlaid bell flowers inset the mahogany banded border
personalized place mats
Seating for 6 people with personalized place mats
drawer pulls
Custom forged drawer pulls
Item#:  TN 62
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Description: A unique Adams style blonde 62 inch round dining room table. A luxurious, precisely inlaid round satinwood dining table decorated with floral and swag.  Custom brass capped feet which are forged at factory with old school techniques using wax molds. A true antique reproduction whereas even the screws are  made in-house.  This table has 6 fitted drawers which conceal and store personal table protectors for guests when they arrive.  Heavy and sturdy single pedestal table. A show stopper heirloom quality dining table.  
Measurements: 62 round and 30 high
Condition: new
Lead Time: - Sold out
TN 62