Luxurious 71 Inch Burl Walnut and Pearl Inlaid Dining Table

Item# TN 72 PL

High End Craftsmanship, Detailed Design, Factory Forged Hardware

Jonathan Charles 70 inch round dining table with burl walnut and mother of pearl
Luxurious 70 inch burly walnut round dining table on wide birdcage pedestal. Optional lazy susan.
Brass feet and adjustable caster
Factory forged brass adjustable casters are easy to add felt and level in your home
rope turn edge and ilaid apron
Rope turn edge change direction at every inlay point
high end 70 inch round table
Shown under bright light, notice how seemless the Veneers are laid-up to look as one piece
forged hardware
This hardware attaches pedestal to table top. It is forged at the factory.
pearl inlaid lazy Susan
Lazy Susan is included
Jonathan Charles 499010 pedestal
Matching inlays on pedestal
Jonathan Charles 499010
Luxurious round burl walnut 72 inch dining room table with mother of pearl inlays
Luxurious round dining table with intense lighting
Shown under bright and intense lighting
mother of pearl inlaid dining table
Very detailed and crisp inlays
pedestal details with outswept feet
Solid, heavy and overall impressive pedestal second to none
forged brass feet
Factory forged brass capped feet
Mother of pearl inlay embellishes this luxurious 72 round walnut dining table
Mother of pearl inlays on round walnut table
Burl walnut round dining table
80 sheen glossy finish, razor thin and professional quality
Jonathan Charles 499010
iridescent mother of pearl inlays on the lazy susan.
antique reproduction round dining table
The burly walnut Veneers are matched with superb craftsmanship and they appear seemless
Jonathan Charles 499010
72 round dining table shown in our studio office
Mother of pearl lazy susan
Inlaid with mother of pearl, this is on the lazy susan
Jonathan Charles 499010
If you look very carefully where the light is strong, you'll see the open wood grain as described
dining table and chairs
Shown with round back upholstered dining chairs
Round table with inaly and rope turn edges
Luxurious 72 round table with mother of pearl inlay, rope turn edging and birdcage pedestal base.
Leg brackets and support under legs
The legs are reinforced with forged steel brackets which are the full length of the leg
gold gilded pedestal
Gold gilded pedestal
Factory forged adjustable caster on bottom of feet
Item#:  TN 72 PL
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Description: Luxurious walnut 72 inch round dining table with Lazy Susan on traditional birdcage pedestal with outswept saber legs. The table is actually 71 inches to be exact. This round walnut dining table is very heavy. The apron on this table is not just a drop down apron as on most tables. The bottom of the table is fully enclosed so the table looks and feels like it is 3 inches thick. This makes it a very heavy and well built table.  The inlays are crisp and colorful. The top of the table is made with carefuly book matched burl walnut, the outside edge is rosewood banded and decorated with mother of pearl inlays.  This table has a 80% sheen, but it is not a thick finish.  If you look carefuly into the wood grain along the edge of the table, you'll still see some open grain. This walnut dining table for sale has a spectacular finish.  The lazy susan which is included is also inlaid with matching floral designs.  The hardware under the table, which attaches it to the pedestal, are factory forged and are made from solid brass.  The feet are capped with brass feet and the adjustable brass casters are also forged in the factory for easy leveling on your floor.    
Measurements: 70 3/4 inches to outside of rope turn edge
Condition: new
Lead Time: - Sold out
TN 72 PL