Pre-owned Baker Table | Stately Homes Collection by Baker Furniture

Item# Baker 70 87

Table opens from 70 to 87 Round with mechanical leaf system! |See Video!

Pre-owned Baker Table | Stately Homes Collection by Baker Furniture
Jupe table slide details
Iron mechanical slides are detailed with scroll and floral design
Duncan Phyfe style pedestal with brass cap feet
Duncan Phyfe pedestal with extra large brass capped feet
Stately Homes Capstan Table
Swirl mahogany round dining table by Baker Furniture
Jupe table leaves.
Leaves are easy to manage when not being used. They will store flat and fit anywhere.
Round jupe table, apron details
Fluted apron details along the perimter of the table
Item#:  Baker 70 87
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Description: Where do you start when trying to describe a table like this? The pictures might do a better job than written words.  This is a very unusual table and the table spins and opens to easily install the leaves.  We have included a video to show how this works.
This Capstan table by Baker Furniture is from their Stately Homes collection.  It is a very heavy table and it  takes 3 or 4 people to move the top  alone.  The pedestal is also large and heavy and the feet are capped with solid brass feet.  This table is 70" round without the leaves and it will seat about 8 people in the closed position.  Opened, this table will seat 10-12 people. The table has great features and craftmanship.  There is a lot involved with building a table like this and aside from manufacturing the mechanical cast iron parts, all of the brass fittings are custom fabricated to get this to work and look great.  The table has a medium cherry color and it is all mahogany.  Pre-owned furniture will never bn perfect but this table's condition is fair.  The pedestal has a few bumps but nothing that distracts from the overall look or presence of the table.  The top of the table is evenly worn with minor scratches.There is factory distressing which looks like scratches in the photos but they are black marks beneatch the finish.  We show pictures of this as well.   I will personaly buff and detail this table to achiev a brilliant sheen so the new owner will get a great overall pre-owned table.  Most importanlty, this table operates with no hesitation and all of the moving parts are rock solid.
Measurements: 70 round to 87 round with 8 leaves
Condition: Pre-owned table in good condition. We will buff out table to original luster before shipping. Minor scrathes from regular use but no major detractions. Factory original distressing
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Baker 70 87