New American Made Triple Pedestal Dining Room Table

Item# WZ 108 252 X

New Finish for 2017, Brighter, Cleaner, Younger, Modernized for Today's Space

triple pedestal mahogany dining room table
Extra large American made mahogany dining table
Triple pedestal mechanical drawings
Mechanical drawings to show how table can be configured in your space
Triple pedestal table
Extra large mahogany dining room table opens to 21 feet with 6 leaves
Custom triple pedestal dining room table
Custom Triple pedestal inlaid mahogany dining table for formal dining
shown under low light
low light
Item#:  WZ 108 252 X
Price: $17,000
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Description: Extra versatile triple pedestal dining table custom designed  for those in need of  an extra large dining room table.  This table is built exclusively for our store and custom designed to be the most versatile table for large spaces.  The finish is razor thin and reveals (under close inspection) some open wood grain, but when you stand a few feet away the finish shines like glass. We designed this table to work in many size increments by utilizing 36 inch and 18 inch leaves. This combination allows you to configure the table from 9 to 21 feet.  Being we designed the Veneer fletches in 18" patterns, the table always looks uniform no matter which size configuration you use.   This triple pedestal dining table features a mahogany banding and a brown cathedral mahogany field. This classic no frills design will work with any traditional formal dining room furniture in tones of historic brown mahogany.  This dining table will coordinate nicely with fine high end furniture and traditional formal antique reproductions. It will serve as a great conference room table for a larger higher end office. We have proudly installed this model table into the Waldorf Towers (NYC) a for a government official who reports directly to the President of the United States!
The solid mahogany pedestal components shown on this table is of exceptional quality and the table steel slides are American made. is comitted to bringing you the best fine furniture for your money and we have chairs, cabinets and office furniture to match this table. 
Measurements: 9 to 21 feet, 48 wide and 30 high
Condition: new
Price: $17,000
Lead Time: - 3-6 Months
WZ 108 252 X