Here are some resources for your consideration while you put together a plan for furnishing your home and for the ongoing care of your furniture.  These links will help you get started with room plans, inspire color coordinating ideas and these links also offer you wood care tips.   
Getting started furnishing your home

AntiquePurveyor offers a wide selection of furniture for your home and sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. This page will help you sort out your decision making process.
Design inspirations for the formal and traditional dining room

Great source of inspiration for all in the design phase of furnishing their home.  Find great content here as it relates to design, color coordinating, antique furniture styles from different periods.  
Online room planner

Thanks to Icovia, there is a hand dandy online room planner available and no download is necessary. Find some pre-fab sizes to choose from and have some fun trying different layouts.

AntiquePurveyor's factory tour

A  factory tour has been created to provide knowledge about our manufacturing. You will learn about our staff, artisens and the capital equipment required to manufacture higher end, handcrafted furniture. See how mahogany raw material is transformed into antique reproduction furniture, from standing trees, rough lumber, fine cut material, production and all the way to polishing a rich mahogany finish.

Being AntiquePurveyor is owner operated and is involved with every aspect of furniture building, get our personal opinion on how to properly maintain your investment from an experts point of view.