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 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Mahogany Veneers
 Posted On:  Feb 18 2010 12:10PM, 0 Comments Add Comment
There are so many types of mahogany Veneers. Some are very hard to find and are quite expensive. Many of the hard to find Veneers are found in France or U.K and can be imported by specialty stores. Below, you will find some of the terminology associated with different types of crotch mahogany. Natural crotch is mostly found on high end flame mahogamy dining tables by Stickley, E.J.Victor,Baker, Henredon, Century furniture and other high end furniture manufacturers. This is hard to find and very expensive. Here is a good example of a true crotch mahogany table. Plain swirl mahogany is todays most desired mahogany plate because it is not too busy and it offers plenty of color variation for most people. Here is a good example of swirl mahogany. Burning bush, very rare, is also available every so often. Some of our American made dining tables will have this in the field. Here is a good picture of burning bush flame mahogany. Hard copies of this chart is avai...
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