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Short stories about brand loyalty.  Here we post experiences about the daily grind of our furniture showing experiences.  This is a great blog to read if you are on the fence about buying furniture site unseen or if your skeptical about about the quality of  furniture you see on this website. 
The posts found here can and should help you identify yourself as a brand or non brand preferred customer.  You should read the first post of this blog, than enjoy the short stores that come after. When you read these stories, ask yourself  "Which profile do I fit best"? Brand or Non Brand?  
Brand name v.s nonbranded furniture~True Stories
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Brand Name Furniture
 Posted On:  Feb 25 2010 8:36PM, 0 Comments Add Comment
This blog compares brand name furniture to non branded furniture and begs to answer the question which is better for your budget and tastes. 1)Brand name furniture is for those who want an easy process, quality, perfect quality control, willing to pay any price for piece of mind and does not like risk. They also have an image to withold. 2)Non brand name furniture may fancy the opposite person. Those who are willing to do some research, pay close attention to price points and quality, want piece of mind but feel that shouldn't cost more. Risk is ok for these folks, because in there opinion risk is usually followed by reward. Again, we may over simplify this, but the point is a valid one no matter how complete it is. I have seen hundreds of folks dabble in this question in there unconscious while viewing our products and sometimes the first type of person in the above description will want the best of both worlds and leave disappointed. They love the idea o...
Mahogany Chairs are Hand Carved-Not Perfect
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Brand Name Furniture
 Posted On:  Feb 27 2010 5:33AM, 0 Comments Add Comment
Lady spends an hour walking around a group of dining chairs in our store checking every carving and rosette on all chairs and eventually observes that they are not all the same. I tell her they are hand caved, and she doesn’t believe me. Today, with my newer site I could have shown here pictures of carvers in Indonesia. She purchased the chairs after opening all of the boxes and getting the chairs with the most closest carvings.
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Brand Name Furniture
 Posted On:  Feb 27 2010 5:35AM, 0 Comments Add Comment
A gentleman walks around our entire store in disbelief and questions us,” How can these tables be so cheap? What is wrong with them? What are your terms?” Squinting down within inches of the table, he says “Is this a mark on the table? Is this table solid? “ I answer all of his questions truthfully but he remains skeptical. Finally he says to me, “I think I feel better about spending more money. I am going to Bloomingdales and buying the table I saw there"
E.J. Victor Table in Maryland
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Brand Name Furniture
 Posted On:  Feb 27 2010 5:38AM, 2 Comments Add Comment
A gentleman calls me and inquires about a used E.J. Victor dining room table that was posted on our website, It was a high end regency dining table. He wanted this exact table but didn't want to pay full price at retail. At the time, the table I had on the website was sold, so I couldn’t help him. I showed him a similar table in inventory but he really wanted this heavily carved regency table. So, we couldn't help ou at the time. Few months later a gentleman calls me with the similar questions about the same regency table and I recognize his questions and his voice. I call him out and ask, “ADid we speak about this table a ferw months ago? Did you go and buy an E.J.Victor dining table first quality?” His answer was yes and he also informed me that the price was three times my price and he couldn't justify the extra money. His general feeling was that it wasn’t all that it was supposed to be and he sent it back for one of our tables. For what he paid ...
E.J. Victor Paw Foot Chairs, Ben Travis Story
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Brand Name Furniture
 Posted On:  Feb 27 2010 5:40AM, 0 Comments Add Comment
Ben Travis, from Maryland, client and big fan of E.J. Victor, Henredon, Stickley, Drexel and other high end furniture brands. This gentleman went through a divorce which for obvious reasons changed his financial situation and becomes a non brand profile customer with a strong emphasis on quality. He is skeptical about our products, but his budget is limited and he needs furniture. He places a large order on our website and eventually sends his own truck and workers to pick up the furniture in New Jersey and brings it back to Maryland. He called me up that evening screaming in the phone in disbelief. Your furniture is *$#@! great, I can’t believe those desks right out of the box were *$#@! amazing. He was ecstatic with the furniture and is now a friend and testimonial.
I dont really need a label.
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Brand Name Furniture
 Posted On:  Feb 4 2011 8:54PM, 0 Comments Add Comment
Today a designer and client came into our store in Carlstadt on an appointment. Two delightful women were so happy to have found our site while searching Google for higher end banquet tables. They walked in with a pair of smiles and handed me a file stuffed with pictures of an E.J. Victor regency table model 9202-20 .which they found at a local showroom priced at $12 or $13 thousand dollars. This client knew what she wanted before we even got started looking at tables. This is good,as it keeps the meeting simple and focused. I explained to her that I had similar tables which were not made by E.J. Victor but were quite comparable in style and quality. I expressed my thoughts on these differences, " In fact, some of the changes might even be better if your tastes are anything like my other clients. Our version has solid mahogany details around the edge, darker satinwood banding as well as a few other differences and the quality is not much different. My version of table will...
Folks from Maryland Shopping Brand
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Brand Name Furniture
 Posted On:  Feb 14 2011 7:10PM, 0 Comments Add Comment
This short story is true, and it isn't hard to believe. I am thankful for stories like this. Two folks from Maryland called my online store a couple weeks ago to set up am apppintment to visit AP's warehouse. Clients had compared our products to brand name products and simply fet they couldn't get a straight answer on any of his questions when he shopped the major showrooms. These clienst became very comfortable with our products and price points and left our store well informed and thankful they made the trip. We closed a significant deal together. They were thrilled with the choices in there category of table needed. Obviously we appreciate there willingness to travel and everybodies elese willingness to buy sight unseen. As the owner of AP, I wish I can bring our products closer to all of our shoppers to see in person but than you wouldn't see the value of the table because the price would be 30% higher. To all those who browse or purchase here Thanks for shoppi...
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