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This blog talks about how we are able to safely fit your table, its leaves, pedestals, and table slides onto a pallet.  It shows our thought process and the speacial meassures we take to ensure that your table gets to you in great condition. You'll also be able to see a picture of the previously mentioned items on the pallet and ready to go into the truck.
The Right Way to Ship Furniture on Pallets
 Posted By:  Eric Popso  | Posted In:  Shipping Furniture
 Posted On:  Oct 15 2010 11:43AM, 0 Comments Add Comment
Shipping High End Furniture like ours out on pallets is not our first choice as a shipping method. However, certain situations do call for it. When these situations arise we have a strick process we follow very closely. This blog points out the "Science" of pallet shipping Fine Furniture. In this example one of our customers needed her Dining Table as soon as possible, she asked that we send it via UPS on a pallet. Before anything even comes close to a pallet it is wrapped, protected, boxed, etc.. you can find more information about how we prepare furniture in the "Shipping Furniture" blogs or on Our main site. Now its time to go on the pallet. We start by placing large layers of cardboard down on the pallet itself, we then place bubble wrap and Styrofoam on top of the cardboard. We do this to provide an “air-ride” type system, this helps to avoid damage to the Mahogany Table edges if the carrier truck happens to hit potholes....
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